Sustainable Construction

Building a Better Tomorrow, Today.

We create exceptional facilities that improve the lives of others. Sustainable construction is just one of the many ways we reinforce that mission and find innovative solutions to benefit the communities in which we work — and we’ve been doing so before LEED certification was even formalized. As a founding member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, we have not only followed established guidelines, we’ve pioneered them.


Sustainability and LEED-Certified Projects

Whatever your sustainability goals are, we have the professionals and the experience to make them a reality in the most cost-effective and responsible way possible. We employ more than 20 LEED accredited professionals and boast a robust portfolio of LEED-certified, including:






WELL Health-Safety Rated

Two offices, one commitment to building safe and healthy facilities.

Both our Milwaukee and Madison offices have achieved the WELL Health-Safety seal. This seal recognizes our commitment to advancing human health and wellbeing in our work.  We bring WELL methodologies and solutions to our clients for consideration on projects in communities everywhere.

WELL at Work

As a long-recognized green-building pioneer, CG Schmidt believes in not only the value of building sustainably, but also living sustainably.  The benefits of a healthy, engaged workforce are limitless and start with a work environment that enables well-being in its design and intent.   Benefits of well-minded work environments include:

  • Staff Retention: Less money spent on training new employees
  • Brand Differentiation: Value realized through innovate practices
  • Staff Engagement: Increased productivity, reduced absences, and improved job satisfaction
  • Staff Health: Promotes physical and mental well-being

We routinely collaborate with an architect or engineer on green or wellness goals, bringing cost-benefit considerations forward for consideration. We often begin with a green and wellness assessment to deliver best-in-class alternatives.  Our services include:

  • Guidance and coordination through the WELL Building Certification process, leveraging the expertise of our own WELL accredited professionals
  • Liaison between you and the International WELL Building Institute
  • Marketing and communications support for Human Resources,  Executives and other champions of the effort
  • Initial assessment of goals easily achieved
  • Evaluation and coordination of modifications/enhancements with Engineers, Mechanical contractors, designers, and consultants

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