Women in Construction Week 2022

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Highlighting women’s work and their impact in the construction industry

Women in Construction (WIC) Week nationally-recognizes women in the industry who are raising awareness for the opportunities a career path in construction presents. Recognized March 6-12, 2022, Women in Construction Week is a way to amplify the impact women are making a traditionally male dominated industry.  To celebrate Women in Construction week, we are recognizing just a few of the women at CG Schmidt who excel in their fields of work.

Cierra Griffin, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Engineer 2

Prior to considering work in the construction industry, I overcame many obstacles and barriers set before me as a young, black female. After choosing to pursue an engineering degree, I never questioned my ability to succeed. I chose to pursue engineering fully aware that it is a male dominated field. It was never something I thought about or took into consideration until it was painfully obvious. I was told that civil engineering and construction were “dirty jobs”, not for ladies. I was second guessed and felt less than by peers, but I continued to persist. The more that the odds stacked against me, the more I knew I this was the right job for me.

Niki Lucci, Operations Support Supervisor

More and more women in construction have evolved into leadership roles. It is great to see women opening the doors and raising awareness in what is typically a male dominated industry. With passion and drive, the sky is the limit. Whether working in an office, behind the scenes, or working on a jobsite, it is rewarding to be part of the day-to-day operations of creating exceptional facilities that improve the lives of others.

Sadah Crouch, Project Manager

My mother was the strongest female influence in my life. As a leader in public housing, she taught me, and all her children, hard work and determination. As a mother myself, finding balance in a high-demand construction industry and my role as a mother has been a true test. But with my own mother’s guidance, I continue to succeed in both my roles.

Kendra Hribar, Construction Laborer

I love my job, but it is a lifestyle choice. Until recently, the industry has been male dominated; I rarely worked with women. But things are moving in the right direction.  Many women entering the construction industry as field personnel are intimidated as they begin work on a project site. My advice for women entering the industry is to remember that that no question is a dumb question, and you will gain valuable knowledge by speaking up. I support and encourage any woman entering the industry to ask questions and use their voice, stay positive and lead by example.

Sarah Dunn, Vice President

CG Schmidt is considered an innovator in construction, and now we are showcasing our forward-thinking leadership in how we operate and hire as a company. I want to show women of all ages that construction is not just for men; it can be an exciting, rewarding field for everyone — both on jobsites and offsite. While the make-up of the industry is already different from a decade or two ago, we need to continue the momentum in seeking gender equity as we advocate for a new generation of woman workers.

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