A Summer with CG Schmidt: The Intern Update

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Half of our 2021 summer interns take a moment to reflect on their experience at CG Schmidt before heading back to the classroom.

Following months of working everywhere from our Milwaukee and Madison offices to various job trailers, a few of our 2021 summer interns reflect on their internships with CG Schmidt. Read what Ben, Caitlin, Joel and Kyle learned, loved and took away from their summer fully immersed in the construction industry.

Ben Statsick

Project Engineer Intern, Madison Office

“This summer has been an overall amazing experience. Working with the Madison Special Projects Group helped me gain so much knowledge about the construction industry. I liked the fact that I was working on multiple different projects every day. My favorite thing this summer was being a part of the Pecatonica HVAC/flooring project. It was fun coordinating with the subcontractors and school staff. Being the only person from CG Schmidt on-site for most of the project was a very hands-on experience.

The highlight of my summer was being on the roof of Pecatonica High School and watching the new roof top unit being hoisted and set. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with and also a huge thanks to the Madison office for all of your support.”

Caitlin Geurts

Business Development Intern, Madison Office

“My second summer with CG Schmidt was even better than the first; I am head over work boots in love with the connections I made and projects I accomplished these last few months. I am most proud of my part in revamping the website through new layout and content creation as we continue to expand the company. Also a huge part of this experience; I must thank my fellow interns (and wonderful friends) for their hard work and drive to succeed in an unfamiliar environment! Our ‘field trips’ to MYAC, Journal Square and St. Camillus were the highlights of my summer. Lastly, to the Madison office and team I owe a huge thank you for all of the laughs and encouragement I got this summer and this past year.

I must thank my Madison marketing leads, Erin Cowan and Sarah Dunn, who have mentored me, teaching me countless lessons in supporting the success of CG Schmidt.”

Joel Baraka

Project Engineer Intern, Baraboo job site 

“This was my second internship with CG Schmidt, and for this summer, I spent most of my time at Jack Young Middle School (JYMS) project in Baraboo. There, I helped with tracking safety paperwork from subs, submittals and RFIs.
Maintaining a safe working environment is something that is very important to CG Schmidt, but was a new challenge for me. I am so grateful to my JYMS project team (superintendent and project managers) who introduced me to the different subcontractors, their roles, and how I can best connect with them.
I am most grateful to my team, who put up with my many questions, encouraged me to reach out more, and always took the extra time to help me learn. I owe a huge thank you to my jobsite superintendent who always brightened my day with jokes that kept me looking forward to coming to work the next day”.

Kyle Perozzo

Human Resources and Risk Management Intern, Corporate Office

“Wrapping up my first summer at CG Schmidt, it was a lot more than I thought it would be – in the best way possible. With all confidence, I can say that one of my favorite things would be the connections I have made. This internship has given me the opportunity to meet and work with some very talented people. During my time, I’ve split my responsibilities between the HR and Risk Management departments and while there have been numerous challenges that have arisen through its course, there have been even more learning opportunities.

I’d like to thank everyone in the Milwaukee office, especially Shelley, Nicole Barham, and Nicole Birschbach, for giving me this opportunity and making this internship enjoyable.”

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