Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Building stronger communities, together.

A diverse workforce spurs innovation, creates opportunities and builds the economy. As one of Wisconsin’s largest construction firms, we believe it is our responsibility to proactively impact our industry, creating sustainable workforce opportunities for the people who live in the communities we serve. We support diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive for continuous improvement, and we are proud to be drivers for change.


Responsibility and Commitment

It is our responsibility to foster diversity of thought, experience and perspective, and to champion inclusive approaches in our business. Success is providing opportunities for an entire community to participate including those currently underserved.

True corporate responsibility encompasses far more than just giving back to our communities, it means investing for all to benefit through:

  • Our dedication to providing services of the highest quality
  • Our drive to support our clients’ mission
  • Our desire to support organizations that serve the underserved in our community
  • Our goal to lead by example and drive our entire industry to invest in the communities we serve

We execute our vision for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce in three areas of our business:

  • Community outreach
  • Existing and potential contractors
  • Internally as an organization
We communicate opportunities for participation and engagement by hosting informative diversity pipeline sessions, offering on-the-spot prequalification services, inviting targeted small and diverse firms to attend our “Keep in Touch” lunch program for primary subcontractors and vendors, and investing and engaging local and diverse business leaders during all project phases. We look to connect the work on our projects to businesses that are looking to grow.
Professional success requires more than just opportunities. We seek out high potential small and diverse businesses to engage in formal mentorship programs. As a mentor, we help them improve their business acumen and methodologies, gain experience by working on our jobsites, provide peer reviews of their systems and methods, provide in-house training resources, and assist with business networking to help sustain future growth opportunities.
Underserved communities benefit from economic inclusion initiatives that encourage hiring local residents and supporting local women, and minority-owned businesses. We increase workforce diversity through job creation in economically distressed zip codes, utilizing apprenticeships for worker training and development.


Diversity is More Than Achieving a Goal.  It is a Promise for Growth.

CG Schmidt sets Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals on all of our projects, regardless of the project’s requirements, because the commitment to improve the lives of diverse and underrepresented populations is part of our mission.  We create growth opportunities for businesses and individuals through purposeful networking, training, education and partnerships in parallel with every diversity goal we set.  This approach creates infrastructure to sustain growth in communities where we work everyday.

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