What does a clean jobsite look like?

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A clean jobsite doesn’t just look nice, it’s a major component of a safe workspace

While we continue life during a global health pandemic we are constantly trying to find ways to prevent the spread of illness. Things we have learned during this pandemic will not only help keep people COVID-19 free, but also prevent other illness from spreading on jobsites such as the common cold and seasonal flu by hand washing, not sharing food, trash removal, and keeping the overall jobsite clean.

Another reason for keeping the jobsite clean is to prevent tripping and losing your balance, traction, or grip resulting in a fall. This also reduces frustration by having to move other people’s material or having to clean up after someone prior to performing your work. How often do you have to take time to search for your tools or material because the site is a mess? If we all work together it is easier to keep the jobsite clean.

So what does a clean jobsite look like? Everyone on the project cleans as they go.

So what does a clean jobsite look like? Everyone on the project cleans as they go. This means instead of throwing trash and debris onto the ground, have a trash can at the work area. When that trash can is full, empty it into the dumpster. This is not CG Schmidt’s sole responsibility, it is everyone’s.

Organize your material in a way that keeps it protected, makes it readily accessible, and keeps it out of the way for others. Sometimes we have tight sites and this is easier said than done. If this is the case utilize just-in-time delivery and coordinate with others material storage. Keep it mobile so it can be moved when needed. It can be frustrating moving material, this is why just-in-time delivery is important.

Our SafeStart “Habit of the Month” for May is going to be keep the jobsite clean. Here are some pictures to show you what we look for on our project sites.

Ample trash and recycling receptacles help keep hallways clear for equipment and workers
Dumpsters located close to work areas
Job areas should be swept regularly to keep debris clear
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