Creating a Virtual Library of Formwork Systems

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A team of Elmbrook High School students and CG Schmidt experts team up to build a meaningful relationship and experience

Creating a Virtual Library of Formwork Systems

An example of CAD block families for foundation formwork from the project

CG Schmidt had the opportunity to work with students from Elmbrook School District through a LAUNCH program, a program that immerses area high school juniors and seniors in corporate settings during part of their school day. The goal is to help students better discern their future career path, build their employability skills and help produce a talent pipeline for the region. Students are offered the option to pursue one of several career interests – called “strands” – including Engineering Foundations, Skilled Building Trades, Global Business, Medicine and Healthcare, Law and Public Policy and many others. Students worked in teams on challenges and had the opportunity to become fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real-world problems, using industry standard tools and resources while being mentored by educators and employers, like CG Schmidt.

In Fall 2020, CG Schmidt’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team partnered with four juniors from Brookfield East and Brookfield Central High Schools who were interested in learning more about the engineering and construction industry. As part of the Engineering Foundations strand, these students were asked to create a Virtual Library of Formwork Systems using the AutoCAD Software by developing a plan of execution. A technical task at-hand, students worked together with LAUNCH leaders and the CG Schmidt VDC team over the Fall 2020 school semester to research, analyze, plan, design and develop a Virtual Library of Formwork Systems. Throughout the process, students learned advanced AutoCAD skills, time management, open communication and organizational skills.

The LAUNCH program provides students with a combined focus on academic, career, and professional skills that will help prepare them for college and beyond. The program also encourages students, parents/caregivers, educators and businesses like CG Schmidt to work together to build meaningful relationships and give students the opportunity to include ready-made references when applying for an internship in college or when interviewing for their first corporate job. CG Schmidt is an eager participate in the program and looks forward to working with the next group of LAUNCH students.


Mark Stigler

VDC Manager

Cierra Griffin

VDC Project Engineer


Ollie Studebaker

Brookfield East High School

Katie Taticek

Brookfield Center High School

Joe Julga

Brookfield East High School

Grant Gaskell

Brookfield East High School

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