Dan Chovanec

Senior Vice President


Expanding operational performance

Dan Chovanec, Senior Vice President of CG Schmidt, has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Dan has aided the growth of the CG Schmidt Madison office, expanding CG Schmidt’s operational performance in Wisconsin’s capitol. Dan’s serves as the primary point of contact throughout the entire project lifecycle, with a focus on preconstruction. He ensures smooth transitions between project phases, eliminating potential gaps in communication and alignment of goals, keeping the project moving seamlessly. Dan has supported CG Schmidt’s projects across numerous industries including corporate, healthcare, education, industrial, multi-family, religious, community and senior living. He leads the Madison office in preconstruction, day-to-day operations, and employee development.


Employee mentorship: A belief in the people behind CG Schmidt

Dan leads the Madison office with a focus on employee mentorship. He believes, “people are the foundation of all we do” especially applies to the people behind CG Schmidt. Helping employees develop new skills, become better problem-solvers, and learn to manage interpersonal relationships are the key elements of Dan’s mentorship program. This allows for leadership and development skills between both Dan and the employee, helping them advance at CG Schmidt.


Professional Affiliations

Strategic Advancement Board Member
Clean Lakes Alliance



Excellence Award
CG Schmidt


Interests and Passions





Employee Mentoring

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