Two Wheels, Two Lakes, One Great Cause

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For the third consecutive year the CG Schmidt Madison team squeezed themselves into their bike shorts, covered themselves in sunscreen and peddled their way around Lake Monona to support the Yahara River Watershed. The annual event, hosted by the Clean Lakes Alliance, brings together members from the community and business sponsors, such as CG Schmidt, to raise awareness for the ongoing need to improve the water health of the Madison area’s lakes and streams. Facing threats from rising nitrate levels from run-off and other sources of pollution, the event is an important opportunity for education, and as a source of fundraising for the work done by the Clean Lakes Alliance.

“It’s impossible to live in Madison — sandwiched between two lakes — and not be aware of just how important clean water is to the local ecology,” said CG Schmidt Madison General Manager, Dan Chovanec. “But it’s also important to Madison as a community. We all rely on our lakes and streams, and that’s why we’ve been a strong supporter of the work the CLA does here since day one.”

For more information on this annual event, go to the Clean Lakes Alliance website. See you next year!

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