Education Master Planning

When a public School District begins to consider evaluating their facilities, creating a master plan is an important step in evaluating options. CG Schmidt is a valuable partner in the master planning process through assisting in the creation and evaluation of those options related to renovations and new construction. Having a solid master plan assures the District’s investments are well-managed and are able to support today’s modern learning environments. CG Schmidt guides Districts through the following steps in the master planning process:

  • Understand District goals and vision
  • Evaluate student performance and demographic data
  • Explore current and future educational trends with teaching and learning
  • Assess educational programming adequacy of existing spaces
  • Conduct Facility Condition Assessment on all district buildings
  • Collect Board, administrative and staff feedback
  • Explore every possible option/solution
  • Provide cost estimates for deferred maintenance items and options/solutions
  • Engage community in the discussions
  • Survey the community
  • Determine feasibility of going to referendum

After a well-thought and prudent master plan is created, a building referendum is often recommended by the School District Board. With CG Schmidt’s award-winning Pre-Referendum Communication team, we help inform community stakeholders throughout the referendum process in a timely, ethical way. We combine our leadership and strategic partners to bring customized solutions to referendum projects. This helps Districts gain a better awareness of their need to renovate and/or upgrade facilities. We serve on behalf of our District clients to find the right solutions and assist in communicating with their community.


We are honored to have partnered with 31 public School Districts throughout Wisconsin. For more information on our preconstruction and master planning services, please contact the main office at (414) 577-1177 or fill out the form below.

The CG Schmidt team worked out every possible option that we could consider. It wasn't just about them as a company. It was about us working as a team, as a school district, to provide the best educational opportunities for our kids in Brown Deer.

Deb Kerr

Deb Kerr

Superintendent, School District of Brown Deer

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