UW Milwaukee IRC

This 5-story, 144,000 GSF facility is used for academic as well as postgraduate, NSF-funded research including subatomic particle physics reaction modeling. This building addressed urgent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) needs through the creation of research labs/core facilities, instructional/collaboration space, and office/support space. The UWM physics department was the primary tenant, however this facility is based on the concept that bringing different areas of study under one roof and offering collaborative lab environments will improve research. The High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center component of the UWM-KIRC project included hot-aisle containment enclosures with 4 in-row cooling units for 12 computer racks. The UPS/PDU had a 600kVA/kW total capacity de-rated to an initial capacity of 400kVA/kW. The Data Center room and mechanical and electrical infrastructure was sized to permit the future addition of 12 more computer racks with 4 more in-row cooling units. Known as Mortimer, these processors help scientists perform previously impossible research in areas like Digital Humanities, traditional STEM disciplines and bioinformatics.

Architect: Flad & Associates

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin