CG Schmidt: Leaders in Lean Construction

CG Schmidt is committed to the continuous pursuit of improvement. That’s why our LeanFocus initiative concentrates on six aspects of how projects are designed and built to find better ways to do things more efficiently.

Through our lean construction services, we deliver better value for our customers; improve how project teams work together; and achieve more consistent and reliable results. We use tools such as Target Value Design, the Last Planner System™ and our Leave It Better program to improve how buildings are designed and constructed.

CG Schmidt is a founding member of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI). Over the past two decades, we have shaped our business around the idea of helping our clients get the most value for their facility investment.

Review of Details and Drawings to Check for Design Deficiencies
Quality Assurance Plan for Each Project Mock-Up Before Installation
Pre-Installation Meetings for all Contractors
Job Quality Audits to Guarantee Correct Installation of Building Systems
A Final Walk-through at Project Completion to Verify Punch Lists are Complete