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With design-build, one company provides both design and construction services. There is a single point of accountability for all project related issues. The design-builder may provide design and construction services using in-house resources or may subcontract for these services through third party providers.


  • Single source responsibility simplifies the process for the owner.
  • A collaborative approach to design and construction yields a higher value finished product.
  • Design and construction activities can be overlapped to accelerate project delivery.
  • Firm costs are established early in the process, typically before construction documents are started.
  • Single source accountability minimizes risk to the owner and reduces potential for cost escalation as the project proceeds.


  • Owners may lack sufficient knowledge about design and construction issues to effectively establish project program requirements and performance expectations.
  • Clearly communicating the project scope of work prior to design is sometimes difficult
  • A disreputable design-builder may sacrifice quality in favor of cost.